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"...true worshipers will worship the Father in Spirit and in truth; and indeed the Father seeks such people to worship Him."
John 4:23





Our Vision: To go deeper into worship and experience the Glory of God’s presence! We believe that this conference will affect our nation, the Church and our families.

Ex 33: 9-10

“And whenever Moses went into the tent, the pillar of cloud would come down and station itself at the entrance of the Tent, while God spoke with Moses. The people could all see the pillar of cloud stationed at the entrance of the Tent and the people would all stand up and bow low each ate the door of his tent.”

Ne 9:12

“With a pillar of cloud you led them by day, with a pillar of fire by night: to light the way ahead of them by which they were to go.”

Joshua 3;4b

“So that you may know which way to take, since you have never gone this way before.”


In June of 2006 people experienced the manifest presence of God at a WOW meeting in Chicago. This is what they saw.


A golden, transparent cloud hovered close to the ground. The glory cloud seemed to be made of golden orange dust. It moved both around in a circle, changing shape from a wide oval similar to a honey comb to a tornado funnel, wider at the bottom and top while smaller in the middle. You could see the circular lines of it, yet you could see through it. As the Spirit continued to move in a circle over the ground, inside the glory cloud another, almost flame like portion, moved up and down in the center. After a few minutes, it simply vanished. All the while, not a leaf in any tree moved. The air was perfectly still.



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